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Flat prices

Our holiday flats are bookable for a minimum of 2 nights.

They are available from 3 pm on the day of arrival. At the moment, the keys are still handed over in person, but we are working on a technical solution for independent arrivals to give our guests the greatest possible flexibility.

Check-out is required by 12 noon at the latest on the day of departure in order to be able to prepare the tower for the next guests in good time.

If one of our additional services has been consumed on site, this will be charged when the keys are handed over. 

We can only charge in CASH. 


The price table for the year 2024.

Turm Leiben can be booked for 2 nights or more. Both flats are available or the entire tower for a max. of 10 people. 

Weekly prices in brackets are the maximum price when all beds and pull-out sofas are occupied.

 Price per night min. 2 nightsSurcharge per person sofa bedPrice per week 6 nights
Der Turm Leiben
6 people
3x double beds
EUR 360EUR 30

max. 4 additional people

EUR 1990
(EUR 2690
max. 10 people)

Warte, Top 1
4 people
2x double beds

EUR 260EUR 30
max. 2 additional 


EUR 1450
(EUR 1790 
max. 6 people)

Gewölbe, Top 2
2 people
1x double bed

EUR 130EUR 30
max. 2 additional 


EUR 690
(EUR 990
max. 4 people)

prices incl. 10% taxes
Regional guest fee (2,50€ p.p./night) to pay additionally

Treat Yourself!

Indulgence Packages



Simply and conveniently savour the culinary delights of the Waldviertel without having to travel far - our gourmet packages and local offers make this possible!

From a barbecue package to a breakfast or picnic basket, we offer various packages for booking in advance, and our guests have the opportunity to buy some regional specialities directly in the tower.

The bill is simply settled on departure.

  • Try beers from the Haselböck brewery with wonderful varieties such as the malty Bohemian or the fruity Schwestern I.P.A.
  • Enjoy the wine fridge with a range from the Stadt Krems winery and specially imported Prosecco from Marsuret
  • Why not sample honey and jams from our own production?
  • Lastly we also offer game sausages

Did You Know?

The picnic as we know it today first emerged in France in the 17th century. The classic picnic basket was invented in Great Britain in the 19th century. It was equipped with porcelain crockery, silver cutlery and a blanket. Instead of the thermos flask, which had not yet been invented at the time, a portable stove was used.