Then until Now
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Welcome to Turm Leiben

A magical retreat in the midst of Austrian history!

The Leiben Tower was once a barren defence tower that has survived the centuries and is now a testimony to times gone by. It has come a long way from the medieval defence structure it once was to the current unique residential gem. 

Today it has been renovated and revitalised and can be booked by all guests for an unforgettable holiday in the Waldviertel. 


How We Came to Own the Tower...

Our mother/grandmother Mechtildis "Tilde" Kleinberger fell in love with the tower after moving to Leiben in the 1970s and was determined to move in and live there with her husband Gerhard. After several years of negotiating with the owners at the time, the Austrian Forestry Commission, the couple were able to buy the defence tower and started converting it into a residential tower. Unfortunately, our father/grandfather passed away before completion and the tower construction site remained unfinished for decades. When our Tilde passed away in 2015, the question naturally arose as to what should happen to the slowly decaying tower.


The Transformation

Although many family members recognised the immense potential of this historic building, the financial means were lacking to realise one of the many visionary ideas. Susanne, however, could not part with this project close to her mother's heart for emotional reasons and courageously decided to renovate the tower herself and offer it as a holiday home.

Sebastian joined the project as a creative mind and essential support to overcome the major challenges of the project. In 2021/2022, the time had come - after years of planning and brainstorming, the exciting renovation and restoration of the tower began.

What began as a simple renovation quickly turned into a true masterpiece. New electrical wiring and plumbing were installed, as well as exquisite box windows, and the historic brickwork now shines to reflect its former splendour. The result is a fully restored building, with the soul of bygone eras.

Historic Holidays

Dear guest, today we open the gates and doors of the tower for you. Here you can spend your holiday in a unique atmosphere and immerse yourself in history. Every detail has been lovingly restored to make your stay unforgettable. Whether you are interested in the exciting stories of past centuries or simply want to enjoy the peace and beauty of the surrounding nature - Turm Leiben offers everything your heart desires.

Experience the whisper of times gone by as you explore the old walls and enjoy modern comfort in the lovingly designed flats. We invite you to become part of our history and spend your holiday in a unique historic building.

Welcome to Turm Leiben! Your unforgettable holiday awaits you.

Did you know?

"Sleeping Beauty", the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, goes back to the oral tradition of Charles Perrault's "The Sleeping Beauty in the Forest"